Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sparing methods of hardening of the body

Щадящие методы закаливания организмаSparing methods of hardening really exist. And you were right, they decided to start with them. Using sparing methods hardening of the body, you will not catch a cold, but with their help, gradually accustom your body to easily transfer changes in temperature, your immune system will get stronger, you will be less susceptible to surprises weather can withstand most viruses and bacteria.

Sparing methods of hardening of the body:

Every day, 15-30 minutes walking around the house barefoot in his underwear or light clothing.

To harden the throat, daily rinse it about Frigid water, gradually lowering its temperature and increasing the rinse. Over time, your throat gets used to the effects of even the cold water from the tap for 30-40 seconds.

Open windows (and sometimes the window) at any time of year. Especially useful for airing before bedtime. If the air is too cold, or through, dress warmly and walk by on the window.

Wipe with cold water. Doctors recommend doing this even babies. Dampen a sponge in cold water, squeeze it a little and wipe your face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest. When will get used to the procedure, and even wiping his stomach, back, legs. Over time, lower the temperature of water. After wiping you can leave the skin moist and give it to air dry off or rough towel to rub the body to a slight redness.

When mastered wiping try pouring on the legs or walking on the cold water. The legs are very sensitive to cooling, so their good dousing with cold water hardens the body. Gradually lower the temperature of water, and after the procedure, vigorously rub the feet, especially the foot.

If you did not elect to pouring cold water on the whole body, try a contrast shower. First, turn on the warm water, keep warm, and then switch to the cold, but for those on again warm, and so a few times. Finish the procedure nice cool water. Regularly taking a douche, you significantly improve the immune system, spend a great "gymnastics vessels" and forget about colds. Do not forget about the hardening on the street. Normal walking, outdoor games outdoors complement domestic procedures to increase immunity. In the summer at the cottage always go barefoot, take a sun bath, swim, or just walk on water. Knowing a few rules to be aware of those who are beginning to harden. Transfer factor is one of immunomodulators.

At first, poured cold water after a swim in the warm water for steam baths or active employment dispute that. Keep in mind that before dousing the body in any case must be kept warm. If you have cold hands and feet, a bucket of cold water, most of all, the benefits you will bring. Short-term exposure to cold is not dangerous for the body, but if you do not believe in yourself, then lower the temperature of the water gradually.

Do not perform the tempering procedure during acute illnesses.

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